Com mais de 30 anos de existência, a Art’G – fabricante artesanal de joias em ouro e prata está sempre inovando em suas coleções para atender o gosto da mulher contemporânea. Em suas criações, o designer Márcio Granatowicz busca a versatilidade que o dia-a-dia da mulher moderna pede: joias práticas que podem ser utilizadas em diversas ocasiões.

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At the age of 18, Minda Granatowicz began to undertake. At first, she bought and resold gold jewelry, but realized that her customers were looking for very specific pieces that the market did not offer. It was then that she started to produce her collections and founded her first brand. Her son, Márcio, with only 16 years old, started to accompany his mother in fairs in Brazil abroad learning the trade.
It was then that the designer, with enough experience, decided to become professional so that the family business would gain more notoriety. Always in search of knowledge to offer the best to his clients, Márcio graduated in Design from PUC-RIO in 2009. And then he took over the brand, continuing the work done by his mother.
To reach new consumers, we started working on silver and it was a real success!